August 22, 2015 12:51 pm

The Host finished without victory

mkd-cze 1

The host of W17 EHF EURO finished at the last spot on the tournament. In the battle for fifteen place Macedonia was defeated by team of Czech Republic. After giant 39:23 victory in the Preliminary round, Czech Republic once again gained clear victory.

This match, however, was played by completely different scenario. Well, first half time at least. After ten minutes result was 5:5, and two minutes later Gabriela Djini scored from penalty for the first lead for the host (7:6).

Macedonia was in control in the next ten minutes and Czech head coach Jan Salak was forced to take a minute break. Czechs equalized after Macedonia failed in two attempts (10:10) and Julijana Damchevska asked for time out. But five mistakes in a row in the attack were punished with easy fast break goals and Czech had 12:10 lead after 25 minutes. Finally Meri Arsenievska scored and Macedonians were back into the game (12:11).

But in the last five minutes Macedonians lost concentration and Czech team reached easily four goals advantage (16:12).

Only three minutes in the second half were enough for the Czechs to declare victory. They scored four goals with none taken and reached nine goals advantage (21:12). After seven minutes result was 23:13.

At one point in the second half Czechs reached 13 goals advantage. Macedonians lowered the difference to a nine goals (28:19) but missed two clear shots that seemed to be another breaking point. After that Czech went up to 30:19 after 40 minutes, 34:20 after 42 minutes…

The final result from the battle for fifteen place at W17 EHF EURO is 36:22 for the Czech Republic.

Julijana Damchevska, Head coach of Macedonia

Finally we played one good period. I am very satisfied with the first 25 minutes, but after we weren’t focused and suffered another defeat. Overall this was important experience for the players

Jovana Micevska, player of Macedonia

We fought well in the first half. We were motivated and played good but unfortunately lost again